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About Catherine

Catherine Jarvis is your host, tutor and guide for Hands-on-Latin courses and tours.

Catherine is a north-eastern lass, having been born and grown up on Tyneside. She gained a degree in Spanish and Italian from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University, and then spent ten years in The City specialising in International Banking.

After spending some time in Egypt running a scuba diving business, Catherine and her husband, Nigel, settled in Northumberland to bring up their family, further sparking Catherine’s love and obsession with all things Roman!

Catherine traces the beginnings of this obsession back to her study of the Roman author Tacitus for her Latin A-level, when she became fascinated by how fact, fiction, language and history combine to give us access to seemingly lost worlds. It has long been her ambition to bring all these elements together in the immediate environs of Hadrian’s Wall, with its wealth of archaeological remains and world-class museums.

And so Hands-on-Latin was born. Catherine is now delighted to be able to bring the Latin language, and Roman history, very much alive, through her unique blend of language courses and visits to some iconic sites, all in the stunning surroundings of Hadrian’s Wall Country.

Catherine blogs about Hands-on-Latin and related topics at Hadriana’s Treasures.

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