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Courses overview

Hands-on-Latin offers a wide range of courses, covering Latin, history and modern languages.

If you would like to learn a little Latin, or refresh your Latin, Catherine offers teaching from the hugely successful Minimus Mouse books, as well as the Cambridge Latin Courses.

A range of short courses is also available, such as entertaining and informative Learn Latin in a Day sessions, and one-day Roman History courses on a variety of themes,

along with courses in Roman Inscriptions by guest tutor, and Roman Britain expert, Lindsay Allason-Jones.

Catherine also offers courses in Spanish, French and Italian, so if you’re planning a holiday abroad, perhaps she can help you prepare for your trip!

If there is a particular topic, or combination of topics, you would like to study, which is not covered in the list of courses, Catherine will be happy to design a course for you. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

ab uno disce omnes...
...from one example, learn all
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