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Cambridge Latin

In addition to the Minimus courses, Catherine is also able to offer courses based on the Cambridge Latin course books. These books are designed for older children and adults, and aim to teach a comprehension of written Latin along with an understanding of Roman history and culture.

Catherine’s Cambridge Latin courses last from one day to a week, and combine study of the course books with visits to local Roman sites such as Corbridge, Vindolanda and Hadrian’s Wall.

The Cambridge Latin courses Catherine offers are as follows:

• Cambridge Latin Course Book I – Taster Day

• Cambridge Latin Course Book I – Taster Weekend

• Cambridge Latin Course Book I – 5 Day Course

• Cambridge Latin Course Book II – 5 Day Course

• Cambridge Latin Course Book III – 5 Day Course

The Book I courses are suitable for older children and adults who would like to begin learning Latin.

The Book II and Book III courses are suitable for current Cambridge Latin Course students.

Please contact Catherine if you are interested in studying on a Cambridge Latin course.

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