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How long does a Hands-on-Latin course last?

That is entirely up to you. Courses can consist of anything from a half-day tour of a fort to a week’s language learning. You may wish to combine the study of Latin, or a modern language, with visits to local places of interest, or concentrate on either a language course or a series of tours to sites along Hadrian’s Wall.

Whatever you would prefer, Catherine is happy to build a course around your own requirements, to fit in with the length of your stay, and what you would like to see, do or study.

Is the Minimus course suitable for adults?

Absolutely. Minimus is a tried and tested method for teaching Latin to people of any age from 7 to 107! Catherine has used Minimus for teaching a number of groups of adults, and it has always been popular and well-received.

Each course Catherine runs is tailored to those taking part, so courses for adults tend to include added elements of interest, such as history, geography and archaeology.

I did Latin at school and it really put me off. Is there any chance that a Hands-on-Latin course could revive my interest?

We think so! There is nothing dry or monotonous about a Hands-on-Latin course. On the contrary, one of the aims of Hands-on-Latin is to bring the language very much to life. This is achieved with friendly, informal teaching - with Minimus Mouse for company – combined with guided visits to some of the fascinating forts along Hadrian’s Wall.

If you attend a Hands-on-Latin course, your language learning will be enhanced, and made all the more enjoyable, by visits to the sites where Latin was once very much a living language.

Where can I find out more about Minimus Mouse?

The Minimus website has a wealth of information about Minimus and his family. You can find it here.

I’d like to come on a course with a group of friends. Would you be able to create a course especially for us?

Yes, definitely. Catherine is delighted to create courses focussing on any aspect of the Latin language. You might be interested in Catherine’s Learn Latin in a Day or her Themed Courses. The structure and subject-matter of the course that can be tailored for you are limited only by your own imagination!

I’m not interested in Latin, but I would be very interested in brushing up on my holiday Italian. Can you help me?

Yes! Along with courses in Latin, Catherine also teaches holiday language courses at beginner and intermediate levels, in Italian, French and Spanish. These can still be combined with visits to Hadrian’s Wall, or other local places of interest, if you wish.

Are you qualified to guide me round the sites?

Yes. Catherine qualified as a guide to the sites of Vindolanda and The Roman Army Museum, under a special two-year programme supervised by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, Hadrian’s Wall Heritage and The Vindolanda Trust.

Is there a minimum number of people you will accept on a Hands-on-Latin tour or course? And what is the maximum group size?

There is no minimum number of people needed to make up a tour or course - individuals and couples are more than welcome. There is a maximum group size of six people for languages courses, and eight people for tours.

Where do the Latin courses take place?

The Latin teaching itself, along with teaching in modern languages, takes place at the Four Wynds Guest House, in Greenhead, Northumberland, in the heart of Hadrian’s Wall Country. The guest house is run by Catherine’s husband, Nigel.

Do I have to stay at Four Wynds to be able to do a Hands-on-Latin course?

We will always be very happy to see you at Four Wynds, but it is not essential that you stay here while you are doing your course. If you are staying at another B&B nearby, we can even come and collect you and deliver you back again at the end of the day.

Are you CRB checked?

Catherine is fully CRB checked. She is also a trained and certified first aider, so you can be confident that on a Hands-on-Latin course you will always be in safe hands!


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