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Roman Interest Sites

Whitley Castle (Epiacum) 

A Roman fort overlooking the South Tyne Valley, north of the market town of Alston, currently undergoing a full survey by English Heritage.

Hardknott (Mediobogdum) 

A Roman Fort near Eskdale in the Lake District, with a fabulous parade ground.

Senhouse Museum 

The Museum, in Maryport, is on a site next to the Roman fort of Alauna, and has an internationally important collection of Roman altars.

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

The Museum is built on top of the remains of a Roman fort in Carlisle. The Roman Frontier Gallery is a world-class attraction with interactive displays about Hadrian’s Wall and the Romans.

Lanercost Priory 

A well-preserved Augustinian monastery, built partly from Roman stones.

Birdoswald (Banna) Roman Fort

The site of the longest continuous remaining stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, with a visitors’ centre which includes interactive displays.

The Roman Army Museum

Based on the site of Carvoran Roman Fort, this magnificent museum is a tribute to Rome’s military accomplishments in Britain.

Vindolanda and Chesterholm Museum

Extensive remains of a Roman fort and home to Britain’s ‘Top Treasure’ – the Vindolanda Writing Tablets – examples of which can be seen in the beautiful museum.

Housesteads (Vercovicium)

A hill-top fort with incredible panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, and an impressive museum.

Chesters (Cilurnum) Roman Fort 

The best preserved Roman cavalry fort in Britain, in a beautiful countryside setting. There is also a well-preserved bath house.

Corbridge (Coria) Roman Fort

Once a bustling civilian settlement and crucial supply base for the legions based on Hadrian’s Wall. The museum contains the famous ‘Corbridge Hoard’, a Roman soldier’s collection of armour and personal possessions.

Wallsend (Segedunum) Roman Fort

The site includes an impressive Bath House reconstruction modelled on the Bath House at Chesters.

South Shields (Arbeia)

Atmospheric reconstructions of a Gatehouse, Commanding Officer's House and Barrack Block.

Newcastle (Pons Aelius) Roman Fort/Castle Keep

The Castle Keep stands on the site of the Pons Aelius, a Roman fort which stood guard over the river crossing below.

Great North Museum

Includes an interactive model of Hadrian’s Wall, and a wealth of archaeological finds from the Roman occupation.

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