Learn Latin, Languages & History on Hadrian's Wall

Catherine gave us a wonderfully exciting and enjoyable tour of Vindolanda. Our visit was greatly enriched by her extensive knowledge of Latin and the Romans... In the museum Catherine pointed out objects such as a toy sword and Medusa ring which are featured in 'Minimus'. We had a fantastic day and learned so much!

Maxine Wood

As Catherine guided my family through Vindolanda, the history really came alive. Her deep knowledge of the Roman ruins brought forth images of daily life for the people who lived and worked along Hadrian's Wall a thousand years ago. Her hands-on archaeological experience at the fort made us feel like we were on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour. Her stories of digging up ancient treasures had my kids enthralled.

Phil C and family

The next stop was to visit the oldest surviving written records in Britain, at Vindolanda. Catherine was kind to the girls and knowledgeable. It is an impressive site and L, very keen on being an archaeologist at the moment, is dreaming of Pompeii after this experience.

Darcy Moore, internet blogger, based in Australia

Using the Minimus books for our lessons has given me a great insight into the basic workings of Latin and its influence on the English language. Catherine has great people skills and an ability to interpret and teach the language at a pace we can all manage. Her knowledge of archaeology and her local knowledge of Hadrian’s Wall bring the whole subject alive.

Jeremy Higgs

We had a great day at Vindolanda. Catherine brought the low walls and ancient stones to life so you could really picture what was going on there in Roman times. She made everyone feel really welcome and answered some difficult questions with a smile.


Thank you so much for a fascinating guided tour of Housesteads. We have visited many times before, but, under your expert eye, we felt as if we were seeing everything for the first time! Your infectious enthusiasm, and your comprehensive knowledge of your subject, made for a really entertaining visit, and we would happily recommend the tour to anyone.


Catherine's approach to Latin was to learn and have fun. She guided us through the attractive Minimus book, and the sessions were a really enjoyable balance of language and insights into the Roman world. Catherine also offers personal guided tours of Vindolanda and Hadrian's Wall, a lovely combination of activities which adds a special dimension to the course.


If you want to learn about something as old as Hadrian's Wall but in a new, fresh and accessible way, then Catherine is the one to open the door to the past for you. Her enthusiasm and knowledge for all things Roman is well known, but when you marry that knowledge to her professional guiding skills, then you can be assured of a really good, informative and entertaining tour.

Jan Williams, Institute of Tourist Guiding Trainer

Catherine Jarvis provides a lively and informed tour of Vindolanda. For those interested in Minimus the Mouse, she really brings to life the setting of the coursebook… Catherine provides a wealth of historical detail and tailors her tours to individuals, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of a personal tour guide rather than a guide book.

Jane McGuire

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