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Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall once stretched from Bowness-on-Solway in the west, to Wallsend in the east, and was of enormous strategic importance to the Roman Empire.

Although the Wall no longer exists in one unbroken line from one end to the other, there is still an enormous amount to see. Some parts of the Wall itself remain highly impressive, and all along its original length are the remains of forts, milecastles and other sites with Roman connections.

The sites are listed here roughly from west to east:

• Senhouse Museum and Maryport (Alauna)

• Tullie House Museum and Carlisle (Luguvalium)

• Lanercost Priory

• Birdoswald (Banna) and Gilsland

• Whitley Castle (Epiacum)

• Roman Army Museum (Magna)

• Haltwhistle Burn, Great Chesters (Aesica) and Cawfields

• Vindolanda

• Housesteads (Vercovicium)

• Brocolitia – Temple of Mithras

• Hexham Abbey

• Corbridge (Coria) Town and Fort

• Chesters (Cilurnum) Fort and Bridge

• Newcastle upon Tyne (Pons Aelius) – Fort and Castle Keep

• South Shields (Arbeia)

• Wallsend (Segedunum)

Catherine can guide you around any of these fascinating places - contact her here to discuss duration and prices of individual tours, or see the Links pages to find out more about the individual sites.

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Hexham Abbey Hexham Abbey

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